I FEEL the need to do a little something in support of the gentleman who has been reported to the police in Maldon for having what was supposed to a quiet pee in a place that he thought was out of sight of the public.

During the late Fifties and early Sixties I delivered for Royal Mail in and around Colchester and I know exactly what it is like to be caught short on delivery.

In town in those days there were several public toilets around Colchester available for persons to fly to.

Butt Road, Walnut Tree Way, the recreation ground and others. Another thing was there were very few people who would offer the use of their toilet if asked and I really do wonder if the lady in question would have allowed that had she been asked.

My worst and most urgent needs were mostly in the rural areas where I delivered to the villages of Layer Marney and would you believe it Messing.

My most memorable experience was a sit down in a field.

I parked the van on the grass verge, hopped over the hedge dropped my pants. Then to my complete astonishment a well known lady trotted by on her horse.

I didn't know where to put my face and readied myself for a good rollocking but to my relief the horse neighed, she said good morning postman and rode on.

Going to the toilet is something that none of us can avoid and our High Street bears proof of that.

Tony Ashby