A police officer will face a misconduct hearing after an investigation into the death of a man in custody in Grays was concluded.

Essex Police agreed the officer responsible for searching Raymond Knight by the side of the road may have breached standards of professional behaviour.

Mr Knight, 55, of Western Avenue, West Thurrock, died of cocaine toxicity after falling ill at Grays police station on November 19, 2017.

With the inquest complete, the Independent Office for Police Conduct is publishing the conclusions of our investigation, which ended in August 2018.

During the Office for Police Conduct probe it was established Mr Knight was pulled over by an officer in South Ockendon just before 8pm on November 19 on suspicion he may be involved in drug supply. His vehicle were searched before Mr Knight was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

Mr Knight was taken to Grays station.

The investigation gathered evidence to suggest he complained of feeling unwell on the way, but the two officers with him stated he showed no outward signs of distress.

A short while later he began to display signs of feeling unwell and medical help was called. A statement taken from the medical professional described Mr Knight as being extremely agitated.

His condition deteriorated and he began to have a seizure. Mr Knight later died in hospital.

A tin containing cocaine was found on the floor.

A further search of Mr Knight’s clothing uncovered clear plastic bags, and a piece of ripped plastic, upon which residue of cocaine was found.

A search of the police vehicle used to transport Mr Knight to custody also found a ripped piece of plastic which had Mr Knight’s DNA on it and contained traces of cocaine. On November 20 another clear plastic bag which contained Benzocaine, which is sometimes used as a cutting drug to mix with other drugs, was found in the holding cell. A post mortem concluded Mr Knight died from cocaine toxicity.