Further to the opinion of Chris Wood, (Feb 28) I couldn’t agree with him more.

We need our police to be seen more, deterrent is far better than attempted correction.

As for cutting down, or even pulling out policing in seemingly “quiet areas”, let’s remember one thing, we hear very little about measles, mumps, rubella, polio or tuberculosis these days but would it be a benefit to now stop the “jabs” that are preventing them?

I think not, it would no doubt bankrupt the NHS through sickness and treatment!

Of course, problem areas need heavier policing, especially at certain times but I believe the “quiet areas” need to be patrolled quite often, at irregular, unexpected times.

I’m sure this would make the “innocent” feel safer and make the “guilty” more nervous, even if it’s a patrol car doing the round.

What happened to the old attitude that in “civvy street” a real man didn’t need a weapon to defend himself, only Boy Scouts carried knives.

Real “men” defended the weaker, girls, weaker boys etc, today they prove their “manhood” by stabbing them! Such cowards.

Why don’t they really prove themselves with boxing, judo, weight-training etc?

Perhaps they could gain respect as real men, ready to defend the weaker.


Morant Road, Chadwell