A MOBILE game created by a South Essex College student has been launched on Google Play.

Rize, a rocket ship game where players have to avoid on-coming obstacles, is the creation of games development student Eryk Stryczek.

The 18-year-old from Grays created the game in his spare time alongside studying, launching the app last week after six months of development.

Eryk, who studies at the Southend Campus, said he wanted to create a game that was simple yet fun to play.

He said: “It’s been quite an intense six months to get the app up and running, but it has been a great experience.

“The course at the College is fantastic because it gives you a great overview of the games development industry and has helped me find what area I really wanted to get into.

“I decided to take the skills I have learnt at college to the next level, so I spent a lot of time learning more about developing a mobile app and I am really pleased with the end result.”

Eryk also thanked his classmates and tutors for their help with the project as they came up with design ideas and helped test the game in the development stages.

Games development lecturer Jay Alexander said he was extremely proud of Eryk’s achievement.

He said: “Everything Eryk is exposed to in class is digested, synthesised and then shared out amongst his peers. Eryk is the first to admit there’s no magic or shortcuts to excelling, it’s all down to team work, maturity and consistent hard-work to make your aspirations a reality.

“These three attributes are what make Eryk so exceptional and leave me so certain that he will go on to achieve big things!”

You can download the free game from the Google Play store on to an Android device from play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Eyliess

Eryk is hopeful the game will also be available from the Apple App Store in the not too distant future.