A MOTHER has shared her anger after her teenage daughter was barred from entering a supermarket.

Ola Otuyalo, 51, from Grays, said her daughter was denied entry to the Morrisons supermarket in Grays without adult supervision.

It is claimed she was then told to “pay for everything” when a guard eventually let her in.

Mrs Otuyalo said: “I’m fuming that in 2019 children are being treated this way. We shop there every day and it has never been a problem before.”

The first incident happened on Friday, March 1, and Mrs Otuyalo said the incident left her 17-year-old daughter feeling embarrassed.

She added: “She already has a phobia about going out in public and into shops and this has just made it worse.

“They told her she could not go into the shop without an adult - even though she is nearly 18 herself.”

On the second occasion, last Thursday, the same thing happened and when the teenager produced her ID to show her age, she claims the security guard said to her: “OK but make sure you pay for everything.”

Mrs Otuyalo was furious after hearing about the incident and headed down to the store with her daughter to query the apparent policy with the manager.

She said: “The manager told me the security guard was well within his right to say that.

“But I told him it is stereotyping a young woman - how is that supposed to make her feel?

“Show me the sign in the shop that says children are not allowed unaccompanied - there isn’t one. What they’re doing is wrong.”

Morrisons confirmed unaccompanied children had been banned from entering the store due to a spike in shoplifting in recent weeks and schoolchildren being disruptive in store.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “Our customers and colleagues should feel safe when they shop and work with us.

“Due to recent anti-social behaviour from some students, we now ask adults accompany school children into our store.”

It is understood a sign is being prepared for the store so that customers are aware of the policy.