THE tragic murder of schoolgirl Danielle Jones will take centre stage in new TV show.

The show will form part of a When Missing Turns to Murder on the Crime + Investigation channel, which has worked closely with family members to put the episode together.

The fifth episode of the series tells the tragic story of Danielle Jones, aged 15, who was last seen on June 18, 2001 near her home in East Tilbury as she left for school.

The episode will air on Monday night at 9pm. 

Later that day, Danielle was abducted and murdered by her uncle Stuart Campbell, who after 18 years is still to disclose the location of Danielle’s body.

After failing to arrive that morning, the school informed Danielle’s mother Linda that she was absent.

As it became apparent that Danielle had not simply taken a day off but that something much more sinister had occurred, a missing person investigation was opened.

Eyewitness reported seeing a schoolgirl arguing with a man near to Danielle’s home, with further reports suggesting the man she was seen with owned a blue van.

After Danielle had been reported as missing, police turned their focus to the blue van, leading them to her uncle, Stuart Campbell.

When they searched his house, detectives found a pair of white stockings, stained with blood. Subsequent DNA tests showed a match for both Danielle and Campbell.

There was also a diary detailing his contact with Danielle, camera equipment and material of a paedophilic nature.

During the trial it emerged he sent fake messages from Danielle’s phone to himself after he had murdered her in the hope they would deflect suspicion.

Campbell was found guilty by unanimous verdict and was later sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail for Danielle’s murder, with a further sentence of ten years for her abduction.

Danielle’s mum, Linda, has campaigning for “Helen’s Law” to block parole for killers who conceal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies.