I see that Basildon is refusing to let Thurrock build houses in their area and I can’t say that I blame them.

It is pretty obvious that if there is no more room in Thurrock to build houses, then Thurrock is FULL already!

We don’t need any more houses, there aren’t enough school places, not enough GPs and our hospitals are full to bursting.

Thurrock Council has been building houses non-stop for the last ten years and when you look around at our borough, there are parts that are totally unrecognisable because of all the building.

Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham are no longer two separate towns as they are now joined up as one due to development!

Thurrock Council is now eyeing up our green belt areas for house building but there will be uproar if we lose our little bit of greenery.

Our roads are getting busier and there are cars parked all over the place, on verges, on pavements – everywhere, so please Thurrock Council, stop house building and start making our borough somewhere nice to be and somewhere we are proud to live in.

Lynda brown

The Acres,