THE majority of economists, businesses, trade unions and the Government’s own research say staying in the EU is best for Britain.

The Bank of England says the UK is already in financial decline due to the uncertainty of Brexit and a future outside the EU will hit our GDP negatively.

Even the majority of MPs think staying in is best but we continue to drift towards Mrs May’s Deal, amended or not, or even worse to no deal Brexit. What a farce.

We need to remember all the good that membership of the EU brings to the UK.

Economic growth, trade agreements, a say in setting EU rules, security, freedom to travel and work, mobile network charges...the list goes on.

If your Brexiteer readers, including my local MP, are so convinced we are better off out, let them put it to the test.

Let us have a People’s Vote on Mrs May’s deal with the option of staying in the EU.

DR PETER WILLIAMS Orsett Road, Grays