I have to say events in Parliament this week were not our finest hour.

We all of us, Conservative and Labour, stood on a manifesto to deliver on the instruction given to us by the referendum. Now it looks increasingly like we will not leave at all.

The vote this week was forced on the Government by those who wish to remain in the EU. They have used every Parliamentary opportunity available to them to fight to keep us in.

Last week they gave notice that they will be pushing for a Norway style relationship with the EU. To be clear this would mean a much closer arrangement with Europe than that in the Prime Minister’s deal.

It is tragic to witness those who support Brexit opposing the deal and simply playing into the hands of those who don’t want to leave.

In truth the Labour Party know that the Prime Minister’s deal is as good as it gets but faced with a Conservative Party which is tearing itself apart, they can scent an opportunity.

Labour MPs are calling for a vote of confidence and a second referendum. If the last referendum proved anything, it is how divisive they can be.

I cannot see any reason to repeat the exercise. The people have spoken. They expect their politicians to deliver.

There is enough cynicism about British politics.

If Parliament continues to behave this way the consequences for our politics are worrying. The responsibility lies with us.