By Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council

AS we start 2019 it is all too easy to look back at last year, say “this year will better than the last” and make a few resolutions – many of which we end up abandoning after a few days.

So what do we see from last year?

Well, an addi-tional £250,000 funding made available to tackle the issue of gangs, violence and anti-social behaviour across Thurrock.

This meant additional CCTV cameras installed to help discourage and catch those blighting areas of the borough, closer working with the police leading to an injunction being granted on ten gang members in Grays, a 58% decrease in reported ASB in Purfleet, a 46% decrease in reports of nuisance motorbikes and quadbike reports and the Public Space Protection Order preventing car cruising events extended for three more years in West Thurrock.

So do we want a better year this year? Of course we do.

To help achieve this we have set aside funding for six local full time police officers, including one ser-geant.

We will be looking to fund a full time council officer role to help co-ordinate how we are tack-ling anti-social behaviour across the borough.

Will we abandon these resolutions? Well no, certainly not whilst I am Leader of Thurrock Council.

In closing, please add this to your own list of New Year’s resolutions - don’t sit by and think someone else will report that problem neighbour or group of people who are causing problems.

The police and council can only act if they have informa-tion about what is happening and the faster it is reported to us the faster it can be tackled.

Don’t be afraid to call 101, Crimestoppers or the council where you see anti-social behaviour happen and, if it is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call 999.’