I AM writing in response to the article concerning the Anchor pub.

I believe I speak for the majority of Tilbury that we don't agree with the Anchor being used as another residential area.

And as far as a Masterplan to redevelop Tilbury is concerned, how about spending money to provide somewhere for the youth of this town to go?

We had a leisure centre which has closed and now looks an eyesore. The so-called park on the Anchor field is a joke.

I know that there are problems where there has been vandalism but considering the amount of people that have moved to Tilbury what facilities have the kids got here?

I know there are lots of areas in Thurrock that also have the same problem - nowhere for adults to go to socialise - unless of course you belong to one of the local clubs.

I may add we have lost two of them as well.

One has been replaced by more flats and, yes I do agree we do need more affordable homes.

Let's make Tilbury a better place but let's consider the people who live here.

Mrs C. Lockley