I’m writing about a story I have seen in the Gazette about the woman who lost her leg in a motorbike crash.

Beth needs a car and it must not be taken away.

My wife was in a accident at work, 15 years ago. She had her spine broken in 3 places, eight cracked ribs, two ribs taken away.

She as a morphine pump in her belly.

Without this she would not be able to move because of the pain that she’s in.

But because she can walk more than the required distance, without a stick or frame, her disability car was taken away plus her money was dropped by about £400 a month.

Even with the pump she is in great pain every day. But she was moved from high to medium disability.

The morphine pump is her aid, because without this she would not be able to move


Felicia Way, Chadwell St Mary