The deputy leader of the council uses the right words but for the wrong situation.

He’s totally against the Crossing scheme: “We are unanimous against the scheme”, “there isn’t a single benefit for residents of Thurrock”, “ need to take a further look at the we can get the best outcomes for Thurrock”.

What about the £10 million civic centre that we didn’t vote for?

The existing building could provide all we need with a bit of thought but the council would rather spend £10million that we can’t afford on a vanity project. An “iconic building” indeed...what a waste of our money.

How many of Thurrock’s residents actually visit the centre? I think they can live without an “impressive and grand entrance”.

I’ve been in Grays all my life and we don’t need a council “presence” on the high street anymore than we have previously.

Why would we want to “build better than London”? Is this just councillors saying “they’ve got one so I want one”. It’s ludicrous.

Excuse my ignorance as I don’t read all the leaflets posted to me at election time but has this new civic centre proposal ever been put to the residents of Thurrock? I can’t recall being asked about it.

The deputy leader needs to look at what his own council is proposing before making comments about others.