A WOMAN has been awarded the honour of the British Empire Medal in recognition of the impact and achievements of the charity she co-founded.

Remember My Baby, established in August 2014, exists to offer bereaved parents of still-born children the opportunity to have professional standard photographs taken of their babies to ensure they will always have a memory of their child.

The charity was launched by a group including mum Cheryl Johnson, who lives in West Thurrock.

The charity recruits skilled photographers and now works with NHS trusts to deliver its services to bereaved parents across the United Kingdom.

So far more than 2,700 parents of still-born babies and babies passing away shortly after being born, have been provided with photographic memories they can cherish of the brief time they spent with their babies.

Mrs Johnson said: “I was very surprised to be notified about this award, it really was the last thing I expected.

“I helped found Remember My Baby because of the experiences of a friend who was bereaved of a new born many years ago. “All she had to remember her baby was a fading polaroid.

“As a professional photographer, the idea came to me that grieving parents deserve much better than this.

“And so, with friends, we set up Remember My baby to offer such a service.

“What started as an idea, is now a UK-wide network of NHS workers, volunteer photographers and other working together to offer some comfort to parents when they need it most.

“The award really is for everyone who is or has been involved with Remember My Baby.

“Everything we do is a team effort, and we are always looking to expand our team.

“If this award helps us get more volunteer photographers on board to bring more comfort to more parents, then I will be delighted.”

The charity has gone from success to success in recent years.

Visit remembermybaby.org.uk for more.