THE death was announced of Norah Williams who with her daughter Christyne, till recently Chairman,was a founder member. She had given valuable service in arranging many of the clubs activities and will be especially remembered for her outstanding catering.

Brian Billins, Chairman, introduced the speaker Robin Gurnett, the treasurer and editor of the Wedgewood and Society magazine who had previously spoken of "Friends of Blue".

This meeting's subject was "Shopping in the 18th century" and covered the whole Georgian period. His exhibits were copies of trade cards dated 1805.

His researches were based on documents and drawings. The first slides were of signs hanging outside trading premises. These were needed to illustrate the goods for sale for the majority who were illiterate.

When one such had fallen and killed four the signs were regulated for lightness and secureness - an early example of "Health and Safety?"

Many of the symbols used are obscure now, but people of the day recognised the the allusions to identify the goods sold.

Humorous illustrations by artists such as Rowlandson and Hogarth depicted in cartoon form the perils of traveling to the main shopping streets and the excess of the customers once inside.