A CHARITY song has been released about the long delays drivers suffer at the Dartford Crossing in aid of a food bank-style organisation.

Dartford Tolls is sung by Annie Humphrey from the popular Essex band Frog On A Rocket, and was written by Hockley man Simon Harris, 35.

It is the second time the song has been released in aid of charity.

The original song - complete with explicit lyrics - was released in 2016 in aid of the British Heart Foundation and was viewed more than 1.5m times on Facebook. A clean version was also released.

However, people have shown a renewed demand for the original song - including the swear words.

The song refers to the endless queues, the removal of the toll booths and how neither appear to have made things any better.

It also points to the apparent endless fines suffered by drivers and a broken promise that the crossing would be free of charge once it was all paid for.

All proceeds from this year’s release of Dartford Tolls will go to Southend Little Free Pantry, an organisation which provides a help yourself service facility for Essex families who are in need of grocery supplies.

The organisation also reaches out and helps people who are in need of essential non-food items.

Mr Harris said: “We chose to support the charity because it is a great cause and needs a bit of support as their donations are going down.

“We have released the song through Sony Music as I have contacts in the music industry.

“We decided to release it officially after we held an impromptu performance and it went down so well online, so we found there is an appetite for the song.

“We are asking people to buy the song from iTunes or Amazon rather than stream it online as more money is donated to the charity if people buy the song.

“We know how difficult it is to make a dent in the Christmas chart so we just want to make as much money for charity as possible.”

He added: “We think it is good timing for the song to come out, because I think it shows how little progress we have made since the last song came out in terms of the issues covered in the song.”

The official music video was put up online [in mid-December] and it has already been watched almost 100,000 times and had more than 2,000 shares.

The video includes people stuck in traffic whilst on the Dartford Crossing and actors opening letters with Dart Charge fines.

There is another part of the video which has more people singing dressed in Santa hats and a festive jumper.

Anyone who has ever experienced heavy traffic on the Dartford Crossing, might be able to relate to this new song.

The tune is very similar to the classic Christmas song, Jingle Bells.

The lyrics to the explicit song

Junction 31 of the M25 we’ve not moved an inch I don’t know why I drive the f****** bridge is shut the wind’s too strong for it I’m late for work and I must pay £2.50 for this s***

Oh Dartford Tolls, Dartford Tolls, 50 all the way I left home Tuesday lunch and now it’s Saturday

Oh Dartford Tolls, Dartford Tolls you said it would be free obviously that was b******** of the first degree you took away the booths those coins baskets were great watching some French guy throw and miss made it worth the wait you said it would be easier but it’s f****** joke if you commute across the Thames then you’ll be stony broke

Oh Dartford Tolls, Dartford Tolls tailback paradise just go around the other way is s*** advice

Oh Dartford Tolls, Dartford Tolls the new system’s a farce the tunnel, bridge, the planned one too you can shove it up your a***!