TEN Essex safety cameras were responsible for more than £2 million worth of speeding fines over the past 12 months.

An investigation under the Freedom of Information Act revealed the counties whose cameras issued the most fixed penalty notices.

Twenty-one safety camera partnerships responded to the request for the number of penalty notices issued by their top ten busiest cameras.

Wiltshire topped the list, but Essex came second; in the past 12 months, the county's top ten cameras have issued 35,859 fixed penalty notices (FPN).

Each FPN sees drivers fined £60 and issued with three penalty points, meaning these cameras alone have brought in more than £2,151,000 in fines and more than 107,500 penalty points.

The county's busiest cameras are focused mainly on busy stretches of the M11 and the A127 near Southend.

A spokesman for the Essex Safety Camera Partnership defended its position on the list.