BOROUGH entertainer Steve Merrill and his long standing partner of 16 years Lisa were married on Friday, September 21 - not just once, but twice.

Steve had proposed to Lisa earlier this year on Valentine's Day on top of the Empire State Building in New York.

Steve then took up the tale, saying: "We had already a joint birthday party arranged on September 21 - my 50th and Lisa's 40th - but then we added a double wedding.

"We had two completely separate weddings on the same day at two different venues. It took loads of planning and luckily went off without a hitch "The civil service took place at the Park Inn North Stifford at 1pm with our 11-year-old son Louis as my best man "This service was just close family and friends, 30 in total.

"Then a further 100 guests arrived in the evening for our birthday party at The Mary Green Manor Hotel, Brentwood, along with the day's 30 guests who were sworn to secrecy.

"No-one knew we had Bishop Jonathon Blake arrve with a big surprise theatrical entrance and then he married us again.

"The guests were so shocked it was amazing.

"Lisa started the evening off in an evening dress then slipped away to put her wedding dress on for the suprise ceremony."

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