FOR the benefit of the wider audience, what the Gazette refers to as "local campaigners" against the gypsy pitches, is in fact Thurrock's third largest political party, the British National Party.

BNP supporters have just successfully delivered thousands of protest leaflets to 15 wards calling for a withdrawal from the appalling Quango that is the East of England Regional Assembly and they will continue to campaign against it for as long as it takes.

Self-proclaimed gypsy, King Florin Cioaba, has predicted that thousands of poverty stricken Roma Gypsies will descend on wealthy countries such as the UK and plunder our state benefits.

When they arrive, Thurrock will be expected to accommodate many of them and that will have a devastating effect on our countryside, education system as well as housing and property prices.

We urge Thurrock's councillors to put the interests of local people first and follow the lead of Medway Council and show EERA the door.

Dave Strickson,

Thurrock BNP Organiser

Palmerston Road, Grays.