This week in Down Memory Lane we go to North Stifford where there are many buildings that have survived the test of time. As you travel through you will see many thatched cottages dating back to the 1870s.

In the first photo we see Stifford bridge over the old ford and a man walking his dog. In the top of the picture we see Ford Place in 1870.

Next we see a general view of North Stifford with the church to the left and Stifford Lodge, a Georgian residence, to the right.

A fine avenue leads the eye towards the village. The remains of this avenue are still there at both ends as the A13 cuts through the middle now.

Lastly we see Ardale School in 1938. This was a school for intelligent delinquent boys with a tough regime without resorting to locking them up! It had some success including one boy who went to university and became a lawyer, another became a cruise ship captain. Another worked in the US Embassy.