I think I've heard it all now, 'Residents in fear of foxes'. It's the most unlikely piece of garbage I've ever read.

If Betty Soul's dog 'was' attacked by a fox, then I'd say the fox must have been attacked first. After all the dog on her lap (in the photo) was a terrier type dog (if I'm not mistaken), and they can be nasty little blighters, hence the reason badger baiters use them!

Well I know who I would trust with a three year old, and its not the dog!

I find it odd that all of a sudden there are all these reports of fox attacks, and it always seems to be during the hunting season.

Before the ban we never heard all these fantastical stories. But what really surprises me is that we never heard these people moan when hunts used artificial earths to encourage foxes to breed.

To my mind hunt supporters will try anything on, even pretending to be kind little old people with a pet pooch on their laps. Many hunt followers usually fit this description.

What a pity they don't have the same compassion for foxes as they have for their pampered pets. I think they call it selective compassion.

Judi Hewitt,

Hadley Crescent, Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales