BOROUGH roads were clogged up this morning following an accident on the A13, roadworks and a series of breakdowns.

An early morning accident and fuel spillage on the London-bound carriage lead to a build up of traffic which then backed up both ways on A13 as a result of the combination of this accident, an earlier broken down vehicle at A128 Orsett Cock, a broken down vehicle on A130 at Sadlers Farm and roadworks at A176 Five Bells Interchange.

Other borough roads became flooded with traffic as drivers sought diversions.

In the accident near the M25 junction, firefighters from Grays and Orsett administered first aid to a man knocked off his motorbike in a two vehicle collision at 7.28am

The man was placed in the care of ambulance paramedics when they arrived on the scene while firefighters worked to clear a petrol spill on the road.

In a separate incident, there was a minor accident on the opposite carriageway (Southend bound) as a result of rubber necking. There were no casualties.