IN this week’s Down Memory Lane, we look at Orsett Village, its long history, and the importance it holds today.

We start at Orsett Hall, where the original house dates back to the early 17th century.

Records show that it was greatly enlarged and rebuilt in brick for Wingfield-Baker family in the 18th century.

The ownership of the house passed to the Whitmore family in the late 1800s.

Next we see a photo of High Road.

On the left off the photo is the well-known Swan Inn, before it was destroyed by fire.

Now the site is the home of the Foxhound.

We also see a photo of the Orsett Show in 1909.

The show started in 1841 initially, but it is still going strong today.

Lastly, we see Larkins corner, the house itself named after the former owner.

It is still affectionately known by the same name today.