I read with interest the fact that there is now an injunction to stop more gang leaders from entering certain areas of Grays Riverside.

Whilst this is a small step in the right direction it will be ineffectual as these gang leaders will simply send members of their gang into those areas to deal drugs, attack people for their possessions etc.

They have no qualms in using knives to this end – as we are seeing more and more.

It is a fact that Grays Riverside is fast becoming a no go area – not just in darkness – but in broad daylight!

We have heard of yet another stabbing this week and these are now becoming far too regular.

It seems that life is cheap to these gangs and they do not care if someone dies as a result of their attacks – as long as they deal those drugs, get that phone/bag/cash. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, not caring about the devastation they are causing to local victims and their families.

I believe that the police strategy needs to become much more hardline if Grays, and the riverside in particular, is to be wrestled from gang control.

I believe the gangs are laughing at the authorities’ attempts to stamp them out. Gang culture is fairly new to our town but, if it is not fought in a much more hardline, hands-on way the gangs will win.

I believe gang operations in Grays should become even more of a major focus for police and Thurrock Council. There should be patrols of Grays Riverside, in particular, on the hour, day and night to show a visible police presence to these gangs and maybe stop their operations on the streets a little more effectively.

If action is not stepped up I believe Grays Riverside is theirs for the taking and citizens will not be able to safely walk those streets or visit the riverside park area/Kilverts field.

We need to stop pussy-footing around these dangerous gangs and get their operations out of Grays.

John Roberts

Grange Road