The redevelopment of Tilbury Power Station has stalled - putting 1,500 anticipated jobs on hold.

RWE Generation was looking to build the Tilbury Energy Centre on the site of the former power station, which is currently being demolished.

The centre would have featured various types of gas turbines and an energy storage facility, but the company has announced the development will not be progressing at this time.

A statement from the company reads: "RWE has decided to freeze the development of Tilbury Energy Centre.

"This decision was made based on current market conditions and project costs. As with any development project, options are continuously evaluated and only progressed if they become economically viable.

"The decision to freeze Tilbury Energy Centre has not been taken lightly, it will be a disappointment for those who have been working so hard to get us to the stage we have reached. We would like to sincerely thank the local authorities and community for their support during the past year.

"As always, RWE will constantly explore options for how best to develop our site in Tilbury, which remains a good location for future energy options."