Thurrock Council is set to look into legal action against Highways England for its Lower Thames Crossing proposals.

The leader of the council, Rob Gledhill made the suggestion at a meeting last night and it was backed by councillors.

Mr Gledhill, said he is pleased the councillors have supported his suggestion to explore action against what he called the "abysmal Lower Thames Crossing proposals."

He said: “The Lower Thames crossing will be a three lane motorway, all of which is above ground, tearing through the heart of Thurrock and creating a visible scar on our landscape.

“Thurrock’s residents and businesses will endure years of road works and disruption, severely affecting the health, wellbeing and quality of life for our residents. Then at the end of this work we will be left with poor connectivity to the new crossing with no access from the Orsett Cock Roundabout or the eastbound A13 and no direct link between the Port of Tilbury and the proposed crossing.

“Thurrock Council will continue to fight these proposals using every legal means at our disposal and this evening we have shown that councillors are united in their objection to these plans and in their determination to fight against these proposals every step of the way.

“While we explore the legal avenues open to us I would encourage all residents to take part in the public consultation to let Highways England know just what they think of their plans.”

A Highways England Spokesperson said: "The public consultation is a key part of how we develop the project and we are encouraging anyone with an interest in the project to provide their views.

"We want to understand local views and concerns to help us design the right scheme for the region and communities. No decisions have yet been made on the project. We will continue to work with all local authorities to maximise the benefits of Lower Thames Crossing while exploring opportunities to limit potential impacts.”

Residents can have their say at: