IN response to John Price’s letter in the Gazette, (August 16). Mr Price asks for someone to explain the current parking situation in Grays.

I am not entirely sure what needs explaining or what Mr. Price means by “current”. As a resident in one of the roads that Mr Price is no doubt referring to, I can tell him that the current residential-only parking restrictions have been in place for more than 20 years.

The resident only restrictions are in place between 9am and 6pm to stop commuters, and also people using Grays town centre, from parking there, therefore stopping the residents parking close to their homes.

Mr Price points out that “most residents are out working at that time” which may be true for those working a 9 to 5 shift, but what about those that work different shifts? What about people that work at the weekends and are off during the week?

And. What about parents taking their kids to school? What about elderly residents? Should all these people run the risk of going out to come back and find that they cannot park near their home?

Mr Price states that he wanted to park in Grays because he had a dental appointment, so he may want to know that anyone wishing to come in to Grays to shop, or for any other reason, are catered for by having 540 spaces in the Morrisons car park and 700 spaces in the multi storey car park, as well as smaller car parks in Cromwell Road, Darnley Road, Crown Road, Argent Street and Thames Road.

There are also parking meters sited in Derby Road, Orsett Road, Clarence Road and Brook Road, amongst others. Is Mr Price suggesting that residents living close to Grays town centre should not be allowed to park close to their home whenever they want? Should we all instead go and park outside Mr Price’s house?