A HACKER stole private images from 30 people's iCloud accounts and posted them online.

Dominik James, 31, of Beehive way, Stevenage, admitted to five counts of unauthorised access to computer material at Basildon Crown Court after he was summonsed to court following a search of his home in July 2017.

The investigation began after a victim from Grays reported her iCloud account being hacked and her private pictures posted online.

During the search of James' home, investigating officers found a computer and a hard drive containing folders with the victim’s pictures and messages. 

Software was also found that he used to access their accounts.

James will serve eight months in prison.

His conviction was part of a larger Essex Police investigation involving numerous suspects across the country being identified for hacking into hundreds of iCloud accounts.

Investigating officer DC Arran Holmes, of Essex Police’s Cyber Crime Unit, said: “Dominik James hacked into the personal accounts of women and then shared their details and images with others online without any regard to the consequences for the victim’s distress and embarrassment caused.

“James admitted to hacking into over 30 accounts. 

"Some victims became aware of the hacking after finding their images posted online while others had no idea until they were contacted by Essex Police.

“We have been taking steps to have these images removed but James’ actions have had huge life-long consequences for the victims.

"I hope this outcome offers some justice to them and hope that the sentence acts as a deterrent to other offenders.”