A legendary musician is marking his return with an album signing at a longstanding record store in Leigh.

Wilko Johnson, guitarist of Canvey’s own Dr Feelgood, will pay a visit to Fives, in Broadway, to meet fans in support of the release of his new album, Blow Your Mind.

The signing on Friday will see Wilko accompanied by his band, former bass player of The Blockheads, Norman Watt-Roy and drummer, Dylan Howe.

Wilko said it was very “gratifying” to be returning to Southend to start his album signing tour which will take him across the world.

He said: “I’m a bit of a novice to this sort of thing again now. I’m not used to people taking selfies with me and things but it is great and so gratifying to be doing this run of signing and to be starting it in Southend.”

Wilko, born John Wilkinson, attended Westcliff High School for Boys in Kenilworth Gardens, Southend, before he shot to fame with Dr Feelgood.

Now 70, Wilko is releasing his first new album since beating pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2013.

Peter Driscoll, owner of Fives, was full of anticipation ahead of Wilko’s appearance later this week.

He said: “He has been down her a few times before in recent years, most recently when he released an album with Roger Daltrey (The Who) and there was a huge queue down Broadway.

“He was not in as good health at that time, but he seems to be looking a lot better now.

“It is great to have him here. He could have come in the past and then decided to appear at other stores, which is normal for artists to do but he seems to come back every time and we have a great relationship with him.”

In the build up to the release, Wilko has also released a series of short films on YouTube called Conversations on Canvey, where he is discussing the new album with journalist Gavin Martin on a guided tour of Concord Beach, Estuary Views and Fantasy Island.

Wilko said: “It was an idea the record company had to either let people know who I am or to remind them I’m still here. Canvey has had a lot to do with my life and career and they wanted to show where that came from for me.

“I have to say in the last 40 years that I have been writing music, I haven’t really progressed too much, the thing I do is very simple. Although that is the case, it is my thing.”

He will be there on Friday from 1pm to 3pm.