HAVING seen a programme on the television this week, regarding wanting a Minister for the Elderly, and the statements made by two university graduates, one aged 44 and the other late 20’s, that the Elderly have had the best of everything, and are now clogging up NHS, and that we also possess the highest number of homes in the UK.

I feel that I am forced to apologise through the Gazette, to these “Educated” people even though they had the advantage of free University schooling in their time, not like nowadays.

So I apologise for all the following, being born during the war, experiencing the rationing, often going to bed hungry, in a bedroom with no heating at all, sharing an outside toilet with another family.

As a youngster I saw many older people missing limbs, or are blind, due to fighting for this great country, working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week so that I could put a deposit down on a house.

I voted for a Government who then altered this system, meaning partner’s earnings were taken into account, thereby causing house prices to rocket, and still are... a Government that allowed unions to dictate to the Country causing interest rates to rocket to 17% causing many home ownership dreams to turn into dust due to negative equity.

I do not apologise for voting in a government that sorted out this mess, but eventually lost in an election that I voted the opposite on, that I profusely apologise for, as they years later eventually left the coffers empty, opened the doors on immigration, getting us into a war despite warnings of previous MPs not to do so, that then got branded as either warmongers, Racists, etc as they would not conform to party policies.

I apologise for helping my children finding accommodation, buying their first car, paying all my taxes, working hard to achieve what I have, going without many a holiday, bring up two children by myself, (my parents were also a great help in that part).

So I am to apologise that I, along with many others, are blocking up the NHS, which has nothing to do with a reduction in the amount of hospitals throughout the country, nothing to do with immigration or increased birth rates, nothing to do with far more managers in hospitals, or staff in council offices that continually harass pensioners in one way or another to get more out of them, sticking them into homes, using their assets that they worked hard for.

I, fortunately have made very little use of the NHS. I am accused of blocking an NHS bed through some reason or other, I feel that I have earned that right to do so, so duck... as a walking stick may be swinging your way if you feel I have no right.


Princess Margaret Road,