REGARDING the letter in last week’s Gazette headlined “I just want to be productive”.

This gentleman needs to get in touch with CAB at the beehive in Grays, for advice on claiming Universal Credit (assuming the JSA claim that he had is now closed?) or he can call UC on tel:0800 328 5644 and they can take his claim over the phone if he explains he has no computer access etc.

He will then need an appointment at the job centre in Grays to complete his claim evidence and from there he will be allocated a work coach to get him started with work searching, computer skills, CV building etc.

Obviously entitlement depends on how much his pension is etc, but it’s worth a try for the sake of a free call.


Crescent Avenue,


... Replying to the man who is seeking help to find employment.

Sir, we have free computer lessons, CV writing lessons and online job search help at the library.

Come and see me for more information.


Grays Library Supervisor