AFTER reading editor Gary Pearson’s piece in last week’s Gazette it is clear he doesn’t live in Annalee Road South Ockendon...These bin men do not like being told how to do their job properly.

For the past two years I have been on to the council about the things they ( not all ) have the habit of tipping one household’s bin into a neighbour’s bin, this is not part of their job.

I for one do not like my neighbour’s rubbish being put into my bins.

I also don’t like my bins being dragged around at 4.48 am in the morning also having my neighbour’s rubbish put into my bin then taken to the kerbside to await the lorry’s arrival.

I know that this habit will not be seen by any camera because they will be on the lorry, except I have cctv proof that this tipping of bin’s is rife amongst the bin men.

They also have the habit of just throwing the empty bin anywhere but from whence it came, blocking the footpath in the process, it seems to me that they just can’t get finished quick enough, way back when I was gainfully employed it was called Piece Work.

I have shown these cctv clips to a council official and he agreed that what they were doing wrong and that he would get it stopped.

That was last year.

Yet still a bin man was around Annalee Road this Wednesday 4th April at, yes, 4.48 am performing all of the above.

So I’m sorry to say I don’t feel any sympathy for these bin men.

I would say others shouldn’t either because if can’t do their job properly then their managers need some proof of what they are actually doing while out on their rounds.

Billy Wallis

Annalee Road

South Ockendon