FOR the past two years I have been lobbying councillors to do something about the huge puddle of water on the crossing outside of the Thameside library.

You must have all noticed it? Anyone going past it would have seen it.

You cannot avoid it as you are filtered into it by the safety fencing.

Two years ago when councillor Yash Gupta took up this point with the executive responsible for roads we were informed that this problem would be settled with some upcoming road wasn’t.

And still remains very much a problem now.

The latest response is that it will be fixed shortly when Orsett Road changes to a two-way system.

In the meantime we see mum’s with prams and a toddler beside them paddling through the water or pensioners with shopping trolleys.

This is not good enough.

Thurrock Council, this is a priority, there is an election coming up, fix it now.

Geoff Simpson

Wallace Road