A new High Sheriff has been appointed for Essex.

Bryan Burrough, who lives in Ulting, will become the 838th person to take on the role.

Mr Burrough, who moved to Essex 22 years ago, retired from his career as an investment manager in London in November 2017.

His family firm, James Burrough, has made gin since 1863 and he has followed in his father’s footsteps to become Master of the Worshipful Company of Distillers.

Throughout the year he will be accompanied by his wife Philippa, an avid gardener whose family come from Maldon.

Mr Burrough said: “It is a unique opportunity and is almost a full-time job. Today’s high sheriffs take on a rather different role from the original high sheriffs, who were responsible for raising taxes.

“But I feel that the role is even more relevant in this day and age.

Austerity has had a wide-reaching effect on the judicial system and many issues are now being dealt with by the voluntary sector.

“The high sheriff can give these voluntary organisations recognition and encourage them to interact.”

Mr Burrough plans to focus his year on organisations working to improve the lives of young men in Essex in the crime prevention role.

He added: “Young men like this can be on a slippery slope which leads to offending and spending time in custody.

“I believe there should be far more focus on why people turn to crime and how we can prevent them from doing so.”