FOLLOWING on from Alan Fowler’s letter in last weeks Thurrock Gazette I would also like to add my concerns with regard to the continuos roadworks on the B186 South Road, South Ockendon.

With special note should be the ongoing continuos digging up at the junction of the B186 South Road, Tamarisk Road and Mollands Lane.

There are roadworks at this junction every other week lasting at least a week or more then a gap for a week and then they’re back again and have been all this year at least. This is a constant inconvenience and when there is trouble on the M25 North Road and South Road very quickly become gridlocked.

As an additional thought on this, the proposed new Lower Thames Crossing will resolve none of this congestion.

No traffic on the clockwise M25 will be able to access the proposed new junction at North Ockendon as the M25 comes to a complete standstill way back to the A127 junction and further within minutes as soon as there is any incident regarding the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

Paul Elliot

Cheelson Road,

South Ockendon