Barriers have been installed at a junction to prevent “dangerous” car cruising.

Known as the dumb bell junction because of its shape, it connects the A13 with the A126 down to Lakeside.

It is a well-used junction during the day for shoppers, but at night it has become a hotspot for ‘drifting’, a term used to describe a controlled skid around bends.

However, following complaints from residents in Chafford Hundred and South Ockendon, barriers have now been placed through a section of the dual roundabout in order to prevent this act from continuing.

MP for Thurrock an junior health minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, welcomed the restrictions.

She said: “I was very pleased to hear from Highways England last week that new barriers have been installed at the Lakeside junction with the A13, to tackle the ongoing nuisance of car cruising and drifting.

“The cruising activity at Lakeside is an accident waiting to happen as well as a public nuisance.

“Naturally the news has been met with anger from the cruising community.

“I say to those who engage in drifting at Lakeside, you are not pursuing a harmless hobby.

“You are causing danger to other road users and misery to local residents who have to live with the noise throughout the night. Your behaviour is selfish and will not be tolerated."

Also pleased with the news was Thurrock council leader, Rob Gledhill.

He said: “This is a long time coming. Had it have not been for the persistence of our MP and Councillor Tunde Ojetola and partnership working between Highways England, Essex Police and the council, it may well not have happened.

“The problem has blighted the area for a number of years.

“I hope these barriers will act as a further deterrent to those who wish to flout the law and cause nuisance to local residents.”

Ms Doyle-Price also voiced her gratitude to Essex Police for their work dealing with cruisers.