Two volunteers set off with just £20 in their pocket to see how far they could get, with one man managing to get to Sweden and back - and overcome his fear of flying.

Shane Ralph and Rob Groves, who run the Friends of Hardie Park volunteer group, set out on a mission to raise money for a new slide in Hardie Park, Stanford-le-Hope.

Shane, 45, knew he would have to do something spectacular and decided to challenge Rob. 

He said: "I just came up with this idea which I thought could make money for the park.

"I said to Rob 'I bet you I can get further away from Hardie Park than you can with only £20'."

Rob accepted his challenge and off they set on Friday.

They documented their journey on Facebook, using a combination of pictures and live videos, and they were met with a huge reaction.

Shane said: "Everyone was glued to their screens. People were joining either #TeamShane or #TeamRob."

They both began by going to the airport and asking if anybody could donate a plane ticket to them.

Unsuccessful with this, Rob ended up trailling the M23 near Gatwick Airport until the police moved him on.

He eventually got down to Wales where he was given accommodation on a farm.

Shane was slightly more successful, managing to get free transport all the way Sweden after telling people of his cause.

For Shane, there was one very big hurdle for him to get over - his fear of flying.

He said: "All my life, I have had a big fear of flying - so this was going to be a real challenge for me.

"When I got on the flight, all of a sudden I found that I loved flying. I couldn't believe it."

Shane managed to make it back the following day, spending only £13 on headphones, chips and a pint of beer.

After attracting attention online, both men managed to raise £3,500 towards their £35,000 target.

You can contiue to donate to Shane and Rob's cause here.