A football club has officially gone on the market after the owner's announced they were selling it.

The Thurrock FC ground, which is located on Ship Lane in Aveley, is now up on the market.

Tommy South, Thurrock FC chairman, announced back in August last year that he intended to sell the club ground due to health issues.

The Isthmian Premier League club is now being sold through Southend-based estate agent, Dedman Gray.

Mike Gray, from Dedman Gray, said that he was glad to be part of selling the club, which he recognised as having been under good ownership for the past 35 years.

He said: "The club has been in the same ownership for 35 years, but the family has now decided to stop running the club.

"We are receiving interest from a wide range of people, some even considering a continuation of a football ground.]

"At this stage, all balls are still in the air.

"It will be interesting to see what happens next.

"I respect what the family have done, having run the club for 35 years; but they have now decided to hang up their boots."

There is no current value for the club mentioned on Dedman Grays website.

The site is separated into three main areas: Thurrock Football Club, which is 5.45 acres/2.204 hectares, the training pitches, which is 9.15 acres/3.701 hectares, and the buffer zone, which 2.81 acres/1.138 hectares.

The total size of the site is 17.41 acres/7.043 hectares.

South admitted that the 2016/2017 season would be his last as Chairman.

He announed the sale in a statement last year, which said: "It is a decision I have not made lightly and much thought and consideration has gone in to this.

"The loyalty and support my manager, management staff and players have shown me has been outstanding and I will be forever grateful to them."

He added that his wife and health "come first."