THE long-anticipated, and much spoken about, shake-up of Essex health services seems like it’s going to be good for Thurrock.

This week, it has been revealed the vast majority of emergency patients will be treated at Basildon Hospital.

It appears the plan is for a lot of specialist care, particularly for those who suffer strokes and serious heart complications, to be provided at the hospital too.

And the plan revealed patients suffering from emergency renal and along respiratory problems will get treated there as well.

The ongoing consultation within the NHS on this radical reshuffle has been going on for months.

And at last the reality of change is becoming clearer. The other hospitals in the mix are Southend and Chelmsford.

The very fact the lion’s share of quality services will fall under Basildon’s remit is great news for everyone who lives in the borough.

As we reported earlier this month health care bosses were keen to establish a hyper-acute stroke unit at Basildon, and that will be based right by the world class cardiothoracic centre.

Although the Success Regime modernisation plans have had criticism it’s good to know the people of Thurrock will get the best deal.

Needless to say it’d be a nightmare getting from Thurrock to Chelmsford or Southend on blue lights for your emergency care.