BREXIT could lead to the plug being pulled on the Lower Thames Crossing, Chancellor George Osborne warned.

Big infrastructure projects like the Second Thames Crossing would be at risk if the country had to set an emergency budget to cope with a downturn in the economy.

A recent document published by the Stronger In Europe campaign also revealed that the Lower Thames Crossing would be at risk should the UK exit the European Union along with other large infrastructure projects, due to a need to cut capital funding by £2.4 billion.

When asked if the Second Thames Crossing would be at risk, Mr Osborne told KentOnline that he is unsure whether the government could afford the crossing.

He said: “The truth is, if the country is poorer, it doesn’t have as much money to spend on, not just the health service, education, but also vital infrastructure projects, not just the ones of today but also the ones of tomorrow.

“That vital crossing is the kind of issue that will leave a chancellor thinking, well can we really afford that?”

Mr Osborne warned of “real world consequences” for people, adding that “it’s not all abstract, it’s very important.”

Tim Aker, Ukip MEP and Aveley councillor, believes south Essex will be trapped in a "triangle of toxicity" should the crossing go ahead.

Mr Aker added that he is urging residents to vote leave in order to scrap the project.

He said: "Vote to leave the EU and kill the new Thames Crossing. If there was any doubt that Thurrock would resoundingly vote to leave the EU then I think George Osbourne has just confirmed it.

"I've never trusted much what George Osborne comes out with but if he is saying Vote Leave and the New Thames Crossing gets scrapped then I think it’s only right for every resident in Thurrock to Vote Leave and stop the Thames Crossing.

"If any Councillor is voting to stay in the EU then they are helping build the new Thames Crossing and trapping Thurrock in a triangle of toxicity. Let’s put local people first and vote to reject the EU and the new Thames Crossing on the 23rd June."

A Britain Stronger in Europe spokesman said that voting to remain in Europe would strengthen the south Essex economy.

He said: “All the economic experts are telling us that leaving the EU single market would damage the economy, blowing a multi-billion pound hole in the budget.

“That would mean have less funding to go round for vital infrastructure projects like the Second Thames Crossing.

“A vote to remain is a vote for certainty, jobs and the strong economy we need to keep investing in Thurrock.”

Kevin McNamara, Thurrock Liberal Democrat campaigner, said: "The truth is that leaving Europe would make us an economically weaker country.

"If the government revisits funding for the Thames Crossing and other projects as a result, this would be a terrible shame for Thurrock."

The Essex Leave EU campaign declined to comment due to the suspension of the EU campaigns, following the shooting of Batley and Spen Labour MP Jo Cox.