I HAVE to admit I have got an element of sympathy with those car cruisers who behave themselves.  

Like so often in life, it’s the minority who spoil it for the rest. Some of these young people plainly love their snazzy, and occasionally rather silly, cars and enjoy meeting up with their mates and showing off.

What’s the harm in that? Is car cruising the crime of the century?

Of course not, it’s not a crime at all. But the sad fact is a few have pushed their luck, and pushed their luck again, and left the authorities with no choice but to get more heavily involved.

A new “public space” order, coming into force tonight, means police can now charge those who cause problems in, and around, Lakeside shopping centre up to £1,000.

In fairness, the police had no choice after two bikers and a pedestrian were badly hurt by irresponsible drivers in recent months.

Let’s hope those law-abiding youngsters are still able to enjoy each other’s cars, while the troublemakers among them are, quite literally, driven away.    

*I couldn’t finish my comment this week without giving our X Factor WINNER Louisa Johnson the last word. From everyone at the Gazette: Well done you