A Stanford-le-Hope ex-recording studio owner has spoken of the first time a young Louisa Johnson came to his studio to sing, age 13.

James Bayford, who used to run JBS Sounds recording studio on London Road, Stanford-le-Hope, remembered a young, brown-haired – and determined singer coming to his studio back in 2010.

Remembering her determination, James said: “You could see she was going to become well known. She had such determination, even so young."

After a couple of recordings, James invited the young Chafford Hundred star to perform in Thurrock’s Got Talent, which she won in 2011 and got second place in 2012.

Mr Bayford added: "When I saw her again at a street festival a few years later I was absolutely blown away by how much she’d come along.”

“To see her now on the X Factor, well, it just makes me well up. It just makes me so proud, looking at Louisa.”

Mr Bayford added: “I will be the happiest man alive if she wins on Saturday. It’s the whole reason I do this job, and seeing her on the X Factor makes it all worth it.”

Video 1: Watch a 14-year old Louisa Johnson performing at the Stanford-le-Hope Street Festival in 2012.

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