Last week, the House of Commons voted decisively to deliver airstrikes in Syria.

There is some fear about where this might lead. I can assure you this decision was essential to keep our country safe.

The first point to make is that the vote will enable us to finish the job we started with airstrikes in Iraq. We are already attacking Islamic State in Iraq.

It was self-defeating that Parliament initially decided to bomb IS in Iraq, but not in Syria, which is where its power base is. To defeat IS, we simply must be able to attack it wherever it is.   To those who say that action makes us more of a target for terrorists, well we are a target already.

Our security services have foiled seven serious attempts to attack our country, plots masterminded in Syria. As we reflect on the events in Paris, we can be thankful that as an island it is much easier to control our borders.  

But there are people here at this very minute plotting to cause death and destruction. Inaction is no longer an option. We need to take action against IS in Syria to stay safe at home.   No Member of Parliament takes lightly the decision to deploy military resources, but the case for action was overwhelming. We will, of course, avoid civilian targets.

Indeed, the first night of strikes was directed at the oil pipelines which are providing the means for IS to finance itself.  

MPs from all parties voted for action. Ukip’s sole MP was with us, as were many Labour MPs, who faced down the threats to do the right thing. The world is a dangerous place, but Great Britain is stepping up to the plate to make it safer.