A MUSIC teacher has been banned from teaching after a conduct panel found him guilty of a number of inappropriate sexual behaviours towards a pupil.

Daniel Green, 42, who worked for Thurrock Music Services, was found guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” by sending communications of an inappropriate nature to a vulnerable 17-year-old – student A - by challenging his sexuality; touching another 17-year-old – young person B - in a sexual manner and offering to spank them; and showing off adult accessories including whips, chains and paddles to both youngsters. All offences took place in 2013.

The panel found all the actions to be “sexually motivated”.

Green was convicted of harassment of student A by magistrates in July 2014 and was given a six month conditional discharge and a restraining order over the vulnerable student.

In a police statement, student A said Green “would try to persuade me into thinking I was either bisexual or gay and he said that everyone is gay in some form”. One text Green sent read “ …not from the nutcase who gave her the notion it’s my fault you are bi, unless you plan to give me the address so I could have such a person struck off for malpractice.”

Green admits he “stepped over the line” when he grabbed the backside of young person B when they were hugging, but denied offering to spank them.

He also denied showing the adult accessories to both youngsters, but the oral evidence of young person B and police statement of student A, plus a statement from a police officer who collected cases from Green’s home with the items saw him found guilty.

Green didn’t attend the panel review, but stated he was “unwell” and didn’t believe his action towards either youngster was “sexually motivated”.

The panel decision said: “This was a serious case involving sexually motivated misconduct with a pupil. The panel has found that this case discloses a serious departure from the personal and professional conduct elements of the Teacher’s Standards.

“Mr Green continued to behave in an unacceptable way which was sustained over 3 to 4 months. Mr Green has not engaged with these proceedings in any substantial way and has denied the allegations.

“He did not attend the hearing and the panel is clear that they have had no material on which to judge his insight. However his absence and lack of engagement leads the panel to have grave concerns as to his attitude to what occurred and whether he harbours a deep seated attitude that could lead to further harmful behaviour.

“He has committed a breach of his position of trust towards Student A.”