WE’VE been inundated with residents absolutely delighted at the return of the 374 bus route through Fobbing.

Sometimes it can seem all you hear is nothing but negativity.

How Thurrock Council has no choice but to cut this service, or chop that one, so this piece of news was timely and very warmly received.

And it was more than an early Christmas present for the residents of the little village of Fobbing, who were exhilarated to have, as they put it, their lifeline bus service back. Even if it may only be for the winter...and for three days a week.

At the Gazette, we have spoken to many residents, some in their 70s and 80s, and their relatives, who couldn’t believe the money wasn’t found to prolong the service they valued so highly.

So credit where credit is due to those at Thurrock Council who have found the money to make this common sense decision, which will make a real difference to the everyday lives of so many within an otherwise isolated  community.

It now remains to be seen whether a popular bus route is just for Christmas, or whether indeed the adequate funding can be put aside to allow it to run, in at least some form or the other, through 2016 and beyond.