LAST week, in this column, I was full of praise for the good things youngsters are doing in our this last week unfortunately I’ve been been left appalled by the flip side.

The spate of arsons in Dilkes Park, South Ockendon, has seen police working with firefighters and the council to solve the problems there. This makes sense, while parents of suspected yobs have received warning letters.

Meanwhile, residents in Tilbury have expressed fears for a 90-year-old neighbour who yobs have been repeatedly targeting. They wait for her fence to be fixed, then they kick it in again.

And last, but not least, there’s the mindless attack on the grave of Tony and Joan Jamieson in Grays New Cemetery. How upsetting, and costly, this has been for the family.

Every effort must be made to identify these young yobs. And I’d suggest they are forced to repair the damage they have caused and, where appropriate, made to face up to those people whose lives they have affected.

Maybe shaming them now will help to keep them out of jail later! Also, I’m sure some victims wouldn’t mind hearing what they have to say. And some, I’m sure, may have a message of their own they may want to get off their chest and share with these thugs.