HOW often do you hear people grumbling? Quite often, I’m guessing. “Young people are up to no good”, “Communities aren’t what they used to be”, “People just don’t care any more” and so on.

We’ve all heard such talk, and probably quite recently.

So, in the latest Gazette it was particularly nice to carry not one, but quite a few, heartwarming tales.

First, let’s take little Davina Ewulomi, six, from Grays.

She decided that for her birthday this year she wanted to host a Christmas Ball to help sick children at Basildon Hospital. So, that’s what she’s doing. Good for her.

Then there’s the goodwill towards Louis Ryan, who has learning difficulties, and had his bike stolen. The community has come out in force with people pledging money and setting up a Just Giving page. He’ll end up with a fleet of new bikes at this rate!

And, finally, let’s sign off with congratulating Louisa Johnson on making the X Factor live finals. She is clearly a very talented young lady and many tip her to win the show.

So, listen all you grumblers, maybe there are some good people in the borough, and some talented ones, too!