THE sheer scale of what is being planned in Purfleet is breathtaking.  And there’s real momentum now, too.

In this past week, plans have taken a giant step forward with big hitter London and Quadrant getting involved.

The proposals were so grandiose when they were revealed last year it felt like just another (very far-fetched) pipe dream.

Let’s recap...Europe’s largest film and TV studios. About 2,300 new homes. 1,300 jobs. A refurbished railway station. A new primary school. New supermarkets and shops. A cinema. Even an Oyster bar. How very swanky!  

And now it seems the sceptics may just be proved wrong. Of course, it is important any development fits in with those already living there, but who can deny the reinvention of this part of Thurrock makes for exciting times? And don’t forget the impressive High House Production Park is already up and running.

These inspiring town plans, will add to this, and have real potential to galvanise Purfleet, putting the town on the map, not only here, but internationally, too.