LAST year, I spoke despairingly about the scourge of inconsiderate parents in this very column.  

You know the ones. Every school has them. Those mums and dads, wrapped up in their own little worlds, who can’t be bothered to walk five minutes down the road, so they drive their children there in their big bad cars instead.

This is poor form. One. It sets a poor example to their children by championing laziness. Two. It unnecessarily clogs up roads around the school. And three. It puts children’s health at risk.

Now Thurrock Council has come up with a possible solution.

Send teachers out there to fine parents. The authority should be commended for coming up with a possible solution.

In  an age of “cuts” or “savings”, depending on your viewpoint, it is imperative councils take responsibility and look at new and creative ways to tackle and solve issues which don’t go away.

Nightmare parking outside schools is one of these. So, it’ll be interesting to see how things unfold at Tilbury Pioneer Academy.

For now let’s commend the council for hatching the idea, and reserve our judgment for later