People were blown away at the weekend by a big gun display from World War II at Tilbury Fort.

The twenty-five pounder field gun was set off by 'The Garrison', a historical reenactment society based in Thurrock.

Jonathan Catton, chairman of the Tilbury reenactment group, described how they had had a few 'big bangs' and how the gun had been kept in Tilbury ready for D-Day.

Mr Catton said: "Today we have been firing blank rounds and explaining to the public the history of the gun and how it operates and we have had a few big bangs!"

"The gun was originally from World War II and the regiment was actually here in Tilbury in May 1944, ready to go through to Tilbury docks to D-Day."

Video 1: Watch Mr Catton firing the big gun.

Pic Gallery: See our online pic gallery of the Garrison with the gun and the public.